P: General Poster Session


SES2016 poster template available HEREThe poster should be no more than 48H”x36W”.


Tuesday | T3 3:00pm-4:40pm

General Poster Session
Lower Level Concourse


Session Chair: Hugh Bruck. Yifei Mo Track H: Poster Symposium
P1 The inflation response of the human lamina cribrosa in the optic nerve head: effects of age and regional variations

Dan Midgett, Mary Pease, Joan Jefferys, Harry Quigley, Mohak Patel, Christian Frank, Thao Nguyen

P2 Nanoscale elastic recovery of silicon while cutting at different temperatures: An MD simulation-based study

Saeed Zare Chavoshi, Xichun Luo

P3 Flow sensing and moment control of a soft bioinspired underwater robot

Feitian Zhang, Derek A. Paley

P4 Analysis the influence of asperities in rough surface of optical lens to its subsurface damage

Zhiying Ren

P5 The Bauschinger effect in highly confined thin films: a discrete dislocation plasticity study

Sana Waheed, Danial S. Balint, Finn Giuliani

P6 Diffusion of Water into Biopolymer Matrix under Different Mechanical Strain

Santhosh Mathesan, Amrita Rath, Pijush Ghosh

P7 Response of cylindrical composite structures subjected to underwater impulsive loading: experimentations and computations

Tao Qu

P8 A bidirectional self-folding actuator based on bilayer shape memory polymer composites

Shuyang Chen

P9 DNA-sequence controlled self-folding of microfabricated hydrogel architectures

Angelo John Cangialosi

P10 Novel insoles for diabetic foot ulcer management

Arnab Chanda

P11 Floppy modes in mechanical metamaterials

Luuk Lubbers, Martin van Hecke

P12 Acoustic band gaps of two-dimensional auxetic lattice with tailored microstructure

Shivam Sharma, Siladitya Pal

P13 Necking phenomenon of polymer-metal-polymer package materials

Zhansheng Guo

P14 Nanoscale characterization of the mechanical properties across the interfaces present in 3D printed materials

David W. Collinson, Kelley Ruffenbach, Min Zhang, Matthew D. Eaton, Pavan V. Kolluru, L. Catherine Brinson

P15 Mechanotargeting of nanoparticles

Qiong Wei, Sulin Zhang

P16 Engineering cuts and cut-outs for reconfigurable hierarchical soft mechanical metamaterials

Yichao Tang, Gaojian Lin, Shu Yang, Jie Yin

P17 Optimizing the grading of IPNs to obtain FG-IPNs with substantially improved load capacity of parts compared to using uniform IPNs

Zhong Chen

P18 Stochastic multiscale modeling of organic-rich shale

Sara Abedi, Mohammad Mashhadian, Arash Noshadravan

P19 A growth and remodeling model for the right ventricle myocardium during pulmonary hypertension

Reza Avazmohammadi, Michael Sacks

P20 The effect of crystal size on the cross-slip activation stress and volume of FCC single crystals from discrete dislocations dynamics simulations

Mohamed Hamza, Satish Rao, Jaafar El-Awady

P21 Scaling of fracture toughness for 3D printed polymer parts

Darren Bell

P22 Correlating free volume distribution to glass transition temperature in epoxy polymers: a coarse-grained molecular dynamics study

Amin Aramoon

P23 The structural efficiency of inverse FCC photonic structural metamaterials

Jonathan Berger

P24 Harnessing atomistic simulations to predict the rate at which dislocations overcome obstacles

Sepehr Saroukhani, Linh Nguyen, Kelvin Leung, Chandra Singh, Derek Warner

P25 Investigating deformation mechanisms in ultrafine-grained metal films using MEMS based in situ TEM with automated crystal orientation mapping

Ehsan Izadi, Amith Darbal, Rohit Sarkar, Jagannathan Rajagopalan

P26 In process quality control of 3D printed parts through Digital Image Correlation

Oliver Hammond

P27 Visualizing in-situ Microstructure Dependent Crack Tip Stress Distribution in IN-617 Using Nano-mechanical Raman Spectroscopy

Yang Zhang

P28 A new hybrid numerical scheme for simulating fault ruptures with near fault bulk inhomogeneities

Setare Hajarolasvadi

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