Symposium B-6: Fluid-structure Interaction and its Applications

(Mechanics of Fluids and Thermal Systems)

Symposium Organizers:

Sheldon Wang, Midwestern State University

Lucy Zhang, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Yaling Liu, Lehigh University

Symposium Technical Description

Fluid-structure interaction is important for various problems in mechanical, civil, and bioengineering.

This symposium will focus on both method development in fluid-structure interaction and its various applications.

Topics invited for this symposium include but are not limited to:

  • Immersed boundary methods and other approaches
  • High performance computing
  • Application in biological flow
  • Application in microfluidics
  • Application in energy system
  • Application in multiphase flow

 Technical Program

Tuesday | T1 10:00am-11:40am

B6-1: Fluid-Structure Interaction and its Applications
Room 1103 Session Chair: Sheldon Wang, Yaling Liu, Lucy Zhang Track B: Mechanics of Fluids and Thermal Systems
10:00 am Immersogeometric fluid-structure interaction: application to multidisciplinary design optimization (Invited)

Ming-Chen Hsu, Michael C.H. Wu, David Kamensky, Fei Xu

10:20 am Simulation results on the ultra small aspect ratio weapons by different dimension number interior models

Shuyuan Jiang

10:40 am Metastable states in terminal orientation of hinged symmetric bodies in a flow

Ashwin Vaidya

11:00 am Effects of contours on a flutter suppression device

Sheldon Wang

11:20 am Computational investigation of bio-inspired composite nano rotor blade based on fluid-structure interaction

Zhen Liu

Wednesday| W1 10:00am-11:40am

B6-2: Fluid-Structure Interaction and its Applications
Room 1103 Session Chair:    Sheldon Wang, Yaling Liu, Lucy Zhang Track B:    Mechanics of Fluids and Thermal Systems
10:00 am Immersed Boundary Models of Cardiac Fluid Dynamics In Vitro and In Vivo(Invited)

Boyce Griffith

10:20 am

A Computational Framework to Simulate Multiphysics Problems Involving Three-Phase (Gas-Liquid-Solid) Interactions (Invited)

Lucy T. Zhang

10:40 am Volume of fluid (vof) based numerical modeling of non newtonian fluid flow characteristics and dimensional analysis in fused deposition melting

Md Easir Arafat Papon, Anwarul Haque, Muhammad Ali Rob Sharif

11:00 am On the structure and dynamics of wakes behind oscillating cylinders

Mark Stremler, Wenchao Yang, Saikat Basu

11:20 am Coupling lattice Boltzmann fluid solver with molecular dynamics using multiple CPUs

Jifu Tan, Yaling Liu

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