Symposium B-7: Viscous Flow Simulations Over Complex Geometries: Algorithms and Applications

(Mechanics of Fluids and Thermal Systems)

Symposium Organizer:

James D. Baeder, University of Maryland

Symposium Technical Description

Many engineering vehicles of practical importance have complex components with various length scales that result in highly viscous interactional flows. The accurate modeling of the flow structures arising from these complex geometries remains a challenging task. High-order algorithms are often advantageous to decrease the need for fine mesh resolution. This symposium aims to focus on recent developments in overset and unstructured mesh systems and the solutions of such systems for modeling the viscous flow over complex structures.

Technical Program

Tuesday | T3 15:00pm-16:40pm

B7-1: Viscous Flow Simulations Over Complex Geometries
Room 1311 Session Chair: Bharath Govindarajan, James Baeder Track B: Mechanics of Fluids and Thermal Systems
15:00 pm A high-order nonconforming sliding-mesh method for simulating unsteady compressible viscous flows around rotating objects

Chunlei Liang

15:20 pm Solution algorithm for unstructured grids using a hamiltonian-strand approach

YongSu Jung

15:40 pm Adaptive wavelet multiresolution pseudo-spectral solver for nonlinear partial differential equations

Cale Harnish, Karel Matouš, Daniel Livescu

16:00 pm Shock wave spotting in convergent-divergent nozzles

Hady Joumaa


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