Symposium C-10: Multiscale Studies of Cell Mechanics

(Mechanics of Biological and Soft Materials)

Symposium Organizers:

Bin Chen, Zhejiang University

Baohua Ji, Beijing Institute of Technology

Symposium Technical Description

Cell mechanics plays central roles in understanding how cell actively senses and responds to physical cues including force, geometry, dimension and matrix elasticity, which is of significance in various biological processes, as well as in human pathology. One prominent trend of cell mechanics is to investigate hierarchal structures and nested processes occurring at multiple time scales and length scales, which brings unprecedented challenges and great opportunities to both experimentalists and theoreticians. Here we propose the following four themes:

Molecular Biomechanics: Protein interaction, DNA mechanics, protein-DNA interaction, Kinetics of molecular motors, Mechanosensitive ion channels, etc.

Cellular or sub-cellular Mechanics: Cell-matrix interaction, Cytoskeleton dynamics, Cell motility, Cell division, Mechanics of endocytosis or exocytosis, Membrane, Nuclear mechanics, sub-cellular structures and organelles, etc.

Mechanics of extracellular matrix and tissue mechanics: Mechanical properties of soft or hard tissues, Tissue engineering, Tissue morphogenesis, Mechanics of biopolymers, Interfaces or surface properties of extracellular matrix, etc.

Novel techniques and tools: Molecular biosensors, Traction force spectroscopy, Tweezers, AFM, FRET, Pillar arrays, Super-resolution imaging, 3D printing, etc.

Technical Program

Monday | M1 10:00am-11:40am

C10-1: Multiscale Studies of Cell Mechanics
2111 Session Chair: Bin Chen, Baohua Ji Track C: Mechanics of Biological and Soft Materials
10:00 am Relaxing cells by light (Invited)

Samantha Knoll

10:20 am Mean deformation metrics for quantifying 3D cell-matrix interactions (Invited)

Eyal Bar-Kochba, Jonathan Estrada, Jennet Toyjanova, Haneesh Kesari, Jonathan S. Reichner, Christian Franck

10:40 am Mechanics of collective cell polarization and arrangement on patterned substrate (Invited)

Baohua Ji

11:00 am The quest for the determination of the gaussian modulus—exploiting membrane edge fluctuations

Metthew Zelisko, Huajian Gao, Pradeep Sharma

11:20 am Thermodynamics of mechanotransduction at intercellular junctions

Alireza Sarvestani 


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