Symposium C-11: Mechanics of Bioinspired Soft Machines

(Mechanics of Biological and Soft Materials)

Symposium Organizers:

Qiming Wang, University of Southern California

Christoph Keplinger, University of Colorado, Boulder

Symposium Technical Description

Traditional machines are primarily stiff, while most natural machines (e.g., animals) are soft. Inspired by Nature, a number of soft machines have been designed that mimic functions such as actuation, locomotion and camouflage.  Other soft machines are designed to assist with disability rehabilitation or health monitoring. In particular, soft machines utilize highly deformable materials to exhibit extraordinary flexibility, sensitivity and adaptability, and this emerging field of research integrates seamlessly with a number of other fields, such as microfluidics, additive manufacturing and sensor skins. The proposed symposium will address recent experimental, computational and theoretical advances. Topics of particular interest include: (a) Soft robotics; (b) Soft actuators; (c) Soft electronics; (d) Soft sensors; (e) Soft generators and other soft power sources; (f) Advances in manufacturing and materials; and (g) Other mechanisms and functions relevant to soft machines.

Technical Program

Wednesday | W1 10:00am-11:40am

C11-1: Mechanics of Bioinspired Soft Machines
Room 1307
Session Chair: Qiming Wang, Christoph Keplinger Track C: Mechanics of Biological and Soft Materials
10:00 am Dielectric elastomer and bistable electroactive polymer materials and devices (Invited)

Qibing Pei

10:20 am Control of soft robotic devices with no electronics (Invited)

Iain Anderson

10:40 am Materials as machines: the functional mimicry of physiology using soft robotics (Invited)

Rob Shepherd

11:00 am Soft robotics: sensory-active skins and fabrics for intelligent material systems

Rebecca Kramer

11:20 am Design of a bistable dome-shaped dielectric elastomer actuators

Eesha Khare, Samuel Shian, David R. Clarke


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