Symposium D-12: Mechanics, Materials, and Manufacture of Flexible and Stretchable Electronics

(Mechanics of Solids and Structures)

Symposium Organizers:

Nanshu Lu, University of Texas at Austin

Cunjiang Yu, University of Houston

Symposium Technical Description

This symposium aims to offer a forum to foster discussions on the latest advances in the cross-disciplinary field of flexible and stretchable electronics, sensors, and power sources, including but not limited to organic and inorganic flexible and stretchable electronics, flexible electronics based on low dimensional materials, bio-integrated electronics, bio-mimetic electronics, origami and kirigami inspired electronics. The objective is to forge interactions among active researchers from both academia and industries working in the areas of applied mechanics, materials science and engineering, electrical engineering, and advanced manufacturing. Both fundamental research in mechanics, materials, and manufacture as well as practical applications in flexible and stretchable electronics are welcome.

A number of sessions will be organized for the following topics:

  • Organic and inorganic flexible electronics
  • Bio-integrated and bio-mimetic electronics
  • Origami and kirigami inspired electronics
  • Flexible electronics based on low dimensional materials
  • Flexible and stretchable power sources

 Technical Program

Tuesday | T2 1:00pm-2:40pm

D12-1:  Mechanics, Materials, and Manufacture of Flexible and Stretchable Electronics
Room 2116 Session Chair:     Nanshu Lu, Cunjiang Yu Track D:  Mechanics of Solids and Structures
1:00 pm Mechanics design principles for body-integrated electronic systems (Invited)

John A. Rogers

1:20 pm A dielectric elastomer force sensor with in situ tunable sensitivity

Jian Cheng, Zheng Jia, Teng Li

1:40 pm Elastomer-based high-deformation sensors: from liquid-metal to conductive composites

Michelle C Yuen,   Edward L White, Jennifer C Case, Rebecca K Kramer

2:00 pm All-printed flexible and stretchable liquid metal-based electronics

Mohammed Gamal Mohammed

2:20 pm An investigation of piezoelectric materials with kirigami structures

Lichen Fang

2:40 pm “Cut-and-Paste” manufacture of transparent and stretchable epidermal sensors based on large area CVD graphene

Nanshu Lu

Tuesday | T3 3:00pm-4:40pm 

D12-2:    Mechanics, Materials, and Manufacture of Flexible and Stretchable Electronics
Room 2116 Session Chair:     Nanshu Lu, Cunjiang Yu Track D:  Mechanics of Solids and Structures
3:00 pm Soft core/shell packages for stretchable electronics (Invited)

Yonggang Huang, Yinji Ma, John A. Rogers

3:20 pm Strain isolation of wearable electronics via liquid-filled substrates

Matt Pharr

3:40 pm Directly printed, highly stretchable and self-similar fiber-based nanogenerator

YongAn Huang, Yongqing Duan, Yajiang Ding, Jing Bian, Lin Xiao, Zhouping Yin

4:00 pm Cotton-textile-enabled flexible power sources with exceptional electrochemical performance and mechanical robustness

Zan Gao

4:20 pm Opto-mechanical designs enabling stretchable photonics

Lan Li, Juejun Hu,   Hongtao Lin, Yizhong Huang, Junying Li, Jerome Michon, Shutao Qiao, Nanshu Lu,   Laurent Vivien, Carlos Ramos, Jason Lonergan, Kathleen Richardson

4:40 pm The manufacture and testing of electrically conductive aramid fibers for use as electronic sensors

Max Chan Tenorio, Assamina Pelegri, Alexandra Tucker

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