Symposium F-1: Dynamics and Control of Soft Robot Systems

(Dynamics and Controls)

Symposium Organizers:

Derek Paley (University of Maryland

Carmel Majidi, Carnegie Mellon University

Symposium Technical Description

Research in soft robotics promises to impact a variety of fields in science and engineering and has many applications in areas of societal need. This session will focus on the dynamics and feedback control of soft robotic systems. Control theory and control engineering with distributed, multi-modal, and adaptive sensors, actuators, energy sources, and soft materials requires new canonical plant models with complex spatiotemporal characteristics. The ability to mass-produced soft robots provides incentives to tackle the challenges of control for high-degree-of-freedom dynamical systems. Fields potentially impacted include tissue engineering and biology (e.g., incorporating tissues and cells into soft robotics); control engineering (sensing, control, and actuation); additive manufacturing (new fabrication tools); biomedical engineering (intelligent drug design and delivery); medical devices (soft surgical tools); and ethics (public opinion and policy). Indeed, a wide array of relevant advances are possible for autonomous underwater and aerial vehicles, including maritime vehicles that are increasingly efficient, stealthy, maneuverable and capable of long duration missions; soft or flexible underwater vehicles that survive impacts while maneuvering in shallow or deep water, the surf zone, and/or strong currents; and hybrid vehicles that transition between operating domains (ground, air, and water). Other capabilities and components potentially advanced or provided by soft-robotics technologies include energy harvesting; bioinspired wings, bodies, and control surfaces; collision avoidance and resilience; reversible adhesion; flexible sensor arrays; explosive ordinance mitigation; and compliant manipulators.

Technical Program

Wednesday | W1 10:00am-11:40am

F1-1: Dynamics and Control of Soft Robot Systems
Room 1308 Session Chair: Derek Paley, Carmel Majidi  

Track F: Dynamics and Controls

10:00 am The importance of design in soft robotic control (Invited)

Jennifer Case, Edward White, Rebecca Kramer

10:20 am Soft electronics & sensors for bio-inspired robots and wearable computing (Invited)

Carmel Majidi

10:40 am Getting soft robots to move: numerical study of actuation schemes for a pneumatically actuated soft robot (Invited)

Kristin Miriam de Payrebrune, Oliver M. O’Reilly

11:00 am Bioinspired planar strain control in elastomeric sheets via reinforcing fiber arrays (Invited)

Kamran Mohseni, Michael Krieg

11:20 am Muscular compliance in bioinspired soft robots (Invited)

Norman Werely

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