Symposium F-2: Modeling, Design and Safety Analysis in Physiological Closed-Loop Systems

(Dynamics and Controls)

Symposium Organizer:

Jin-Oh Hahn (University of Maryland)

Symposium Technical Description

This symposium is intended to be a forum of discussion and exchange of ideas relevant to a broad aspects in the field of physiological closed-loop systems: modeling, controller design, safety analysis, validation, and regulatory perspectives.  Topics of interest include, but not limited to:

  • Mathematical modeling of physiological systems
  • Model-based analysis of physiological systems
  • Design of physiological closed-loop systems (closed-loop control/decision-support)
  • Validation of physiological closed-loop systems
  • Safety analysis tools and applications
  • Regulatory perspectives in the deployment of physiological closed-loop systems

Technical Program

Wednesday | W1 10:00am-11:40am

F2-1: Modeling, Design and Safety Analysis in Physiological Closed-Loop Systems
Room 1309 Session Chair: Jin-Oh Hahn  

Track F: Dynamics and Controls

10:00 am Design and safety analysis of closed-loop respiratory support systems for neonates

Nelson Claure

10:20 am Computer aided clinical trials for implantable cardiac devices

Houssam Abbas

10:40 am Mathematical modeling for in-silico testing of closed-loop fluid resuscitation controllers

Jin-Oh Hahn, Ramin Bigamian

11:00 am Virtual-subject based data-driven control of physiological systems

Insup Lee

11:20 am Regulatory science for non-clinical testing of physiological closed-loop controlled medical devices

Bahram Parvinian, Christopher Scully


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