Symposium F-4: Applications of Phononic Crystals and Metamaterials in Acoustics, Vibration, and Wave Propagation

(Dynamics and Controls)

Symposium Organizers:

Amr Baz, University of Maryland

Mahmoud Hussein, University of Colorado

Ihab El-Kady, Sandia National Laboratories

Symposium Technical Description

This symposium is intended to bring together researchers and engineers from universities, government laboratories and industry to discuss research ideas and recent findings in these topics.  Phononic crystals and acoustic/elastic metamaterials are composite/non-uniform materials within which periodic, or generally spatially dependent, elastic or acoustic properties are engineered to achieve exceptional control over wave propagation. Typically phononic crystals exhibit unique wave propagation characteristics at wavelengths comparable to the size of the unit cell’s period where Bragg effects from multiple scattering create frequency band gaps that can be exploited. Acoustic/elastic metamaterials use local resonances, and/or other unique elastic and/or inertial properties, to achieve large variations in effective material parameters. These traits are being increasingly utilized for the realization of materials with negative effective modulus/ mass density, negative index of refraction, enhanced dissipation, among others. Both phononic crystals and metamaterials have fundamental implications to a wide range of applications including focusing, imaging, thermal transport, flow control, and noise/vibration control based on interferences, resonances and possibly other phenomena.

Topics solicited include, but are not limited to:

  • elastic/acoustic wave propagation phenomena such as band-gap formation,
  • wave localization,
  • waveguides,
  • negative refraction,
  • focusing,
  • nonlinearity/damping,
  • homogenization,
  • topological acoustics,
  • nonreciprocal systems.
  • active and passive phononic crystals and metamaterials

Research studies may be experimental, theoretical, and/or numerical in nature and can address efforts to understand the dynamics of these materials and/or the development of design and fabrication techniques

Technical Program

Tuesday | T1 10:00am-11:40am

F4-1: Acoustic Metamaterials
Room 2108 Session Chair: Michael Leamy  

Track F: Dynamics and Controls

10:00 am Transformation acoustics, phononic structures and focusing (Invited)

Andrew Norris, Xiaoshi Su

10:40 am Wave field mapping in acoustic metamaterials using optical fiber probe

Miao Yu

11:00 am Active nonreciprocal acoustic metamaterials

Amr M. Baz

11:20 am Nonlinearity based use of acoustic metamaterials

Saliou B. Telly, Balakumar Balachandran


Tuesday | T2 13:00pm-14:40pm


F4-2: Wave Propagation in Metamaterials (1)
Room 2108
Session Chair: Massimo Ruzzene  

Track F: Dynamics and Controls

13:00 pm Nonlinear periodic media and metamaterials: invariant waveforms and reflected spectral content (Invited)

Matthew Fronk, Michael Leamy

13:40 pm Manipulating waves by distilling frequencies: a tunable shunt-enabled rainbow trap

Paolo Celli, Stefano Gonella

14:00 pm Dissipative elastic metamaterials for broadband subwavelength wave mitigation

Guoliang Huang

14:20 pm Observation of trampoline effects in locally-resonant and inertially-amplified meta-plates

Osama R. Bilal, André G. C. Foehr, Chiara Daraio

Tuesday | T3 15:00pm-16:40pm 

F4-3: Phononic Crystals
Room 2108
Session Chair: Ihab El-Kady  

Track F: Dynamics and Controls

15:00 pm Phononic crystals: experimental investigations into RF acoustic components and reduction of thermal conductivity (Invited)

Zayd Leseman

15:40 pm Acoustic beam splitting based on self-collimation in 2D phononic crystals

Yuning Guo, Mike Hettich, Thomas Dekorsy

16:00 pm A phononic crystal based quantum computer

Ihab El-Kady

16:20 pm Nano-scale optomechanical devices and phononic crystals for RF signal processing

Charles M. Reinke, Heedeuk Shin, Aleem Siddiqui, Jonathan Cox, Robert Jarecki, Andrew Starbuck, Peter Rakich

 Wednesday | W1 10:00am-11:40am

F4-4:    Wave Propagation in Metamaterials (2)
Room 2108
Session Chair: Amr M. Baz  

Track F:   Dynamics and Controls

10:00 am In-plane elastic waves measurement in lattice structures via digital image correlation (Invited)

Marshall Schaeffer, Giuseppe Trainiti, Massimo Ruzzene

10:40 am Elastic wave propagation in hydrostatically stressed polycrystals

Christopher Michael Kube

11:00 am Topology optimization of a constrained layer damping plate coupled with an acoustic cavity

Ling Zheng

11:20 am Band gap characteristics of gyroscopic periodic systems

Yaser Alsafar, Sadok Sassi, Amr Baz

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