Symposium F-5: Rigid and Flexible Multibody Dynamics Systems Modeling

(Dynamics and Controls)

Symposium Organizer:

Valentin Sonneville, University of Maryland

Symposium Technical Description

Multibody dynamics as an engineering discipline has become an important tool for virtual prototyping, machine design and computer aided analysis of complex articulated mechanical systems. Multibody dynamics comprises a number of aspects, including mechanics, structural dynamics, applied mathematics, control methods, computer science and mechatronics. The topics of the symposium include:

  • Benchmark Problems in Multibody System Dynamics
  • Computational Methods and Real-Time Applications
  • Contact, Impact, and Constraints
  • Dynamics of Vehicles
  • Flexible Multibody Systems
  • Modeling, Formalisms, and Theoretical Methods
  • Multibody Kinematics
  • Multidisciplinary Methods, Applications, and Other Topics
  • Optimization, Sensitivity Analysis, and Parameter Identification

 Technical Program

Wednesday | W1 10:00am-11:40am 

F5-1: Rigid and Flexible Multibody Dynamics Systems Modeling
Room 1311 Session Chair: Valentin Sonneville Track F: Dynamics and Controls
10:00 am Pick-up and impact

Harmeet Singh

10:20 am Refined beam theory for flexible multibody dynamics systems

Olivier A. Bauchau

10:40 am Efficient numerical simulation of flexible multibody systems based on a frame-invariant motion formalism

Valentin Sonneville, Olivier Bauchau

11:00 am The effects of bearing stiffness on the stability of planetary gears

Xinhua Long


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